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Canyoning in the heart of Valais with Nolimitscanyon | Valais, Switzerland

Explore the beautiful region of Valais through various different canyoning tours.

Immerse yourself completely into nature by jumping alongside waterfalls, sliding down natural toboggans and abseiling on the cliffs. It’s an adrenaline filled activity, full of fun and completely regenerating, leaving you to want to come back for sure!

No Limits Canyon & No Limits Experience

One of the oldest canyon and adventure companies in Valais operating since 1990, No Limits Canyon not only offers over 6 different canyon tours in the area, but also a variety of different adventure activities through No Limits Experience. These can be done alone, in pairs or even groups for team building activities. Guided by local experts, one thing is assured, adventure is guaranteed!

To have a look at the different canyoning tours click here and to see other adrenaline activities offered click here.

Canyoning in the Valleys of Valais!

Flowing down the river stream, you will be jumping boulders, sliding down natural toboggans, rope sliding and rappelling, all whilst taking in the breath-taking beauty the wild nature around you has to offer. Its an activity which allows you to not only have loads of fun but also push yourself beyond your limits and any fears! Another great part is throughout most tours, you have the option of simply walking down alongside the river and joining when it suits you!

Being so immersed in nature, you are regenerated on all levels and can truly raise your energy in a natural manner!


Price: 140.- CHF (depends on how many people you are, if you want to go solo, in pairs or join a group)

Duration: 3 hours

Tour types: Beginners and experts Click here to explore the different tours.

Tel.: +41 27 395 35 55

Address: Rue du Bougnon 60 – Le Tinderet, 1923 Salvan Switzerland


Parking: Free parking spaces available at the center

Solo or in a group

You can book this tour in private or you can join in on a group tour, it is up to you! This activity is also offered for all sorts of occasions from team building to birthday celebrations!

My canyoning tour in Salenf

I went on a canyoning tour in August going down the La Salenf which was simply incredible! The nature all around was beautiful to observe and I cannot express enough how energizing a canyoning tour truly is! You are constantly surrounded by natural elements which simply raise your overall vibration! Being on the tour with cool people, including a true expert as a guide, Johnathan, I even pushed my own limits and did my first forward flip at a height of 5 meters!

I can only recommend taking one of the tours offered by No Limits Canyon or even another adventure activity by No Limits Experience. It is so much fun and the best way to raise your energy in this natural adventure park called Switzerland.

We are generation change.

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Swissundercover



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