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The mysteries of the Pyramids of Eusigne | Val d’herens, Switzerland

Located in the Canton Valais, in Val d’herens, you will find one of the most mysterious pyramid formations in Switzerland. When driving through the city of Val d’herens along the mountain road, you will not only come across these pyramids but also drive underneath the structures, as the road goes right through them. Any research to be found, states they were naturally formed during the last ice age over many years, but maybe there is another explanation to how these pyramids were formed than currently publicly known, one where their formations occurred within a week. The true mystery however, stems from exploring the rest of the area and coming across many other pyramid structures. Could it be, that these pyramids are actually one of many, still hidden in swiss mountains in this area? Read on to learn more about the mysteries of the pyramids of Eusigne.

How they were formed

The different structures are between 10 and 15 meters high and at the tip of each pyramid there is a huge boulder stemming from a different type of stone.

Any research made on these pyramids gives you the same explanation. Stating, they were naturally formed during the last ice age over a span of thousands of years, and the boulders on top of the pyramids rolled there over a great time span, because of erosion. When standing in front of these structures you can “feel” there is much more to it and it is very hard to believe the story being told is the whole truth.

Lets take into consideration, the theory that the last ice age occurred following a natural disaster which hit the whole earth (taking down the previous ancient civilization) within a span of about 1 week, where the whole earth was completely shattered through tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Since this natural catastrophe caused major shifts within the gravitational pull of the planet, a huge change of temperature occurred which resulted in instant freezing after this 1 week of destruction and thus froze over the “destroyed” planet and its created formations, such as these pyramids. Taking this theory into consideration, these pyramids are the result of a huge storm which took place instantly and due to the intense shift in temperature the structures were frozen and therefore still stand the way they do today.

The many other Pyramids of Eusigne

Exploring around the area, you will find similar “pyramid” structures hidden under the mountain. Some more obvious than others, but all share the same type of rock, the same type of formation, simply less obvious and hidden away under nature. It seems that many of these structures in the mountains would look very similar to the official pyramids if they were to be dug out.

Looking at these pictures, are these pyramids of Eusigne, one of many in the area of Val d’harens? And the others simply remain hidden under mountainous nature?

I believe so, and I believe there are great secrets to be uncovered in this Swiss area. If this has risen your curiosity, go out there and explore the pyramids as well as the other interesting mountain formations in the area for yourself and let your gut tell you through “feeling” what resonates with you.

Yours truly,

Uncovering the secrets of Switzerland,

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