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Valmaggia | The energy of nature

In Cevio, in the canton Ticino, Switzerland there is a beautiful museum located in the heart of Valmaggia. Just behind the museum you enter a grotto (type of forest) giving you an insight into its history.

Walking all the way through the forest you really feel like you are out of this world, it’s literally as if you are walking in another time zone. The peace, the calm, the energy in this kind of beautiful nature is uniquely incredible!

Following a long walk through the forest up the mountain, eventually you will get to a sort of light waterfall which is beyond spectacular as you have a whole view over the city of Cevio.

For adventurers and explorers who like to feel different time zones of history and who truly enjoy the excitement and uplifting energy nature brings, this area in Ticino is not to be missed when visiting Switzerland.

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Swissundercover

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